Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have pictures, so you can't be mad at me for staying away.....right?

Whew! I've finally found a moment to hop on here! I've been a little preoccupied with the Bubs beginning school, getting used to the idea of being pregnant and other household business. Life has a way of just happening, doesn't it?

Oh, I have pictures of our little man's first day of school to share with y'all! He was so very cute in his uniform. Take a gander and see for yourself......

Even though we were all excited (and very ready) for the Bubs to start school, it was still an emotional thing for us. The Hubby is extremely proud of how well the Bubs is doing so far and is relieved to see how much he enjoys school. I still catch myself looking in the rear view mirror as I take care of errands, ready to ask the Bubs what he's doing or to sing along with him when a favorite song of his comes on. Oddly, that gets to me more than dropping him off at his class. Let the waterworks commence....darn these hormones!!

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Joanna said...

Okay, where's my kleenex? sniff.