Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hail, My Man Cometh!

Oh, happy day! The Hubby is on his way home and we're excited. The Bubs is running around enjoying his Saturday and constantly asking me if it's time to leave. He's also quoting newly learned addition facts, making sure he's saying them correctly so he can tell his Daddy this evening. That kid is so darned precious!

And what am I doing? Am I primping and getting ready to see my man? Not. A. Chance.

I'm cleaning. I'm still in my jammies with my hair jammed in a pony tail and I'm beginning to smell a little funky, people. FUNKY! *sigh* Oh, well. I'll just jump in the shower before it's time to go and hope I have time to dry my hair. The only reason I'm on here typing away is because my back is demanding a break before the cleaning mania resumes.

I'm not really feelin' all that womanly and sexy these days. If I can be blunt for a moment, if I'm not in a grocery store, I'm at school, and I'm always loaded down with housework because I can't seem to finish one thing before I jump on another. Oh, and let's not forget the ultra sexy morning sickness bouts! Fun times.

I think I need a new haircut or something to remind me that, yes, somewhere underneath my mommy gear, I am still a woman.....somewhere. Well, for now I'm gonna go grab my mp3 player and jam out to some Aretha Franklin. I think some "Natural Woman" is in order!


Joanna said...

Hey if anyone can rock out puke, cleaning, and mommyville it is you! ;)

You've got that natural sass - other's have to pay for it. My Hubby told me I'm real. I just hope that doesn't mean plain or boring.

Yeah for the returns of the Hubs. Gonna have to put some glue in his boots to keep him home for a while. Sheesh.

Kimberley said...

Tag! Anna, you're it. Go to Hokey Pokey to find out what!

Anna K. said...

Jo~ Ha! Well thanks, Honey. I'm all aflutter!

Kimberly~ Thanks, Shug! I've just posted my list.