Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kindergarten Boot Camp and Cleaning Mania

The Bubs' Kindergarten Readiness program is turning out to be Kindergarten Readiness Boot Camp for me! It's a good thing, though. The Bubs and I are both getting our morning routine dashes downpat and I'm learning that doing things the night before saves my nerves the next morning. Um, and that if I'm a really organized little girly, I can squeeze in a quick jaunt to the Starbucks around the corner! Yay! Chai Tea Latte, here I come!


Sorry. The thought of Chai Tea Latte goodness just went right to my head..... I'm finding that the sooner homework is done, the better. I know. Big slap in the forehead while yellin', "Duh!". We've already had a few mornings where the Bubs did his homework the next morning. This seems to be a thing of the past, but we're all human around here so it may happen again.

On to other news in the Everyday Occasion household.

The In Laws will be down next Saturday for a week-long visit. Let the house-cleaning mania begin, people!! I've vaccuumed, dusted, Swiffered and generally cleaned my rotund boo-tay off....and have made a slight dent. I'm happy with that. After a long conversation with the Hubs, I'm not as worried about the house being spotless. I'm working to maintain that attitude and not let it freak me out like it normally does.

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Jonny's Mommy said...

Get to that cleaning young lady.

Wow. Didn't you just visit Bruce's family? And now they are visiting all of you?

Glad things are going OK with David, etc.

Talk to you soon!