Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogging Blanks!

Yep. I got nothing. Not one fun, witty thing to write about. I've got a case of the blogging blanks. I wonder if my cousins, who write for newspapers and/or freelance, feel like this on occasion? Don't get me wrong, I have lots of ideas. They just seem to decide to take a hike when I sit down with my laptop. Of course, there's a whole side of my life that I can't really talk about, much less blog about. Being a military family has its restrictions, after all.

I've seen some blogs that have something special going on for certain days of the week. I've gotta come clean and admit that I'm not that organized. Or rather, I start out being organized.....right up until I forget to be organized. If that statement made sense to you, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

So, my fellow bloggers, what do you do when you get the blogging blanks? Or do you even have that problem? If this is you and you have something new to write about everyday, please don't leave a snarky comment for me. Be gentle and type slowly.


Bryan said...

I'm thinking about starting themes for days: for example, Movie Mondays, Tuesday's Tunes, Wordsmith Wednesdays (a poem I have written), Thirsty Thursdays (books: thirst for knowledge), Feetfirst Fridays (either the first thought I have for the day or on the subject of running), Sassy Saturday (talk back on any subject: "oh, no, you didn't.", Sustenance Sundays, thoughts on sermons given or readings for that day. I also can write things out ahead of time. I'll let you know how this works out.

boondockramblings said...

OK. Did my brother just write "Oh no you didn't?" I'm creeped totally out now.

Anyhow, some days I got nothin' too, but then I don't write anything. Blogging is for fun so if you don't have anything to write, read some other blogs and an idea will probably come to you. Click on the names on comments and it will take you from blog to blog to blog.

You have plenty to write about, I know you do.

I think back to things I've written before and how I could expound on them. Or I think of things I need advice on.

For you, you could write a little more about yourself, like where you grew up (without getting in to exact locations if you don't want to) and how you met your husband...being pregnant with David, having him, if you ever think you will have more children...etc., etc. You have plenty to write about that you haven't yet.

These are just some ideas, of course.

Cecily at My Chaos, My Bliss was having a "writer's block" recently and asked for some advice and there are a bunch of ideas on her comment section

Anne Marie said...

Hey there! I too am in a blogging blank headedness (is that a word?). It will come back, not to worry. I personally have too much on my mind right now!!

Anna K. said...

bryan- Sounds great and I admire that you can be that organized! You've given me the idea to jot down ideas ahead of time, so I have something to draw from when I'm drawing a big ol' blank.

boondockramblings- "Oh yes he did!" (and maybe he shouldn't have...but we love him anyway!)

Lovely comment! Not snarky one bit and it totally gave me an "ah-ha!" moment...or three. I think I have so much on my mind that I can't share, that I focus on that instead of things that I can share. (This may have been the result of
"I'vebeenstuckinthishousetoolongwithasickkid-itis")Thanks for giving me a nudge in the right direction!

anne marie- Shug! Glad to hear from you! And you can make up any word you want long as it isn't too obscene. He,he,he.... :>0

Joanna said...

Organized? You know I've heard of that word clue how to do it.

I have the same problem. I'll be doing other things and all these blog ideas will hit me but I can't write it down and when I sit down - gone!

I'm trying to write stuff when I'm in the zone. Some stuff I end up deleting it but I get snippets rather than a whole post.

boondockramblings said...

I agree...I also have things I can't share. It's hard when family reads your blog and you think you might offend them or there are just certain other things that you just don't want to put on your blog. I know how it is. Not that I have tons of things that would somehow offend my family...I just mean if there was. Ya' know.

Driving With the Brakes On said...

I go throught blogging 'ruts' quite frequently, and have yet to really find something that inspires me to get back in it . . . some months I post almost everyday, and others maybe 1/2 dozen times the whole month! Bryan's idea of themes is a good one, as is Boondock's asking your readers for ideas (though the only theme I have attempted is Thought for Thursday, and I haven't been getting to it too much lately.) Just remember, it is your blog, and while people may like it if you write more often, they are just going to have to deal with it if you don't!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- I SO know what you mean about being organized but then forgetting to be organized. That's me to a T!!! As for what to post about -- for one thing I don't post everyday, so that helps a lot. No one has time to read my ramblings everyday, so there's no point! If you take everyday out of the equation it will be a LOT easier!!!