Sunday, March 23, 2008 the midst of pain.

It was tense in the living room at my parent's house for a minute or three this afternoon. The atmosphere hadn't been caused by angry words or an ugly attitude, but rather by watching Mom openly react to the pain she was in. Her face and lips were colorless, her eyes squeezed shut as she layed back in her recliner. It is a big deal for Mom to outwardly show discomfort, so as Dad and I watched and listened to her............

My Dad summed up what he and I were feeling perfectly when he walked over to her and rubbed her forehead saying, "I'd take it from you if I could." Today was their 34th wedding anniversary.

Earlier, Mom had smilingly told me that Dad had knelt down by her chair the night before and proposed to her again. "Will you marry me?" Though her face was tight with pain, her eyes twinkled and glowed as she told me about being romanced. What girl doesn't like to be courted, after all? (Yes, even us married gals, thank you very much!) She went on to tell me that he had gotten her some ferns for the porch because she'd mentioned she'd like some. He'd even come home with an Easter basket for her after church today.

Have I mentioned before that my parents are awesome?


Sherry said...

oh thank you! that post left me warm and fuzzy. That is so sweet.
Hope you and family had a nice Easter. My prayers for your mom's comfort. xo

Jonny's Mommy said...

Men can be sweet at times, can't they? Sounds like your dad is stepping up the care he shows for your mom at just the right time. Not that he doesn't other times, but this was a good time to pour it on a little more.

Your mom is in my prayers this week, as always.