Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sir Snots A. Lot

The Bubs brought home an uninvited guest this afternoon....the dreaded pre-school bug, Sir Snots A. Lot. He's not the kind of guest one wants your child to bring home. I'm hoping that a quick trip to the doctor's tomorrow will ensure that Sir Snots' stay isn't a long one.

It's pretty bad when your own child tells you to "...please call the doctor. I'm sick, Mommy."

After a quick bedtime story, the Bubs rolled over and grabbed my face in his overly hot hands before I could start his goodnight kiss routine, "Mommy please stay with me. Stay for a minute." Y'all he looked so pitiful! His face was flushed, his little nose and lips chapped, and his big, beautiful brown eyes at half-mast from sheer exhaustion. So I stayed for a few minutes until he relaxed enough to drift off, the stuffed german shepard his Daddy gave him tucked under his arm.

So tomorrow will be spent getting the Bubs to the doc and then making him comfy on the couch at home. Thanks, Sir Snots A. Lot!

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Poor little Bubs! I just want to give him a big hug! You'll have to give him one for me!