Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family before Blog~

I've been feeling a pull lately (for the last couple of months, really). A pull to take Everyday Occasions in a different direction. After reading this beautiful post by Darcy (who designed my blog, by the way) about her business bringing more exposure to her personal blog and, as a result, her family, I knew I had to share my feelings with you all.

With the advent of my business, Anna K. Originals, getting underway (just waiting for licenses to be approved) my contact information will be floating around for anyone to see. This leaves my boys and the Hubs vulnerable.

I, as a wife and a mom, have to think of their safety and dignity and, ultimately, their happiness.

The Hubs, who is going through some health problems right now, needs to be left some semblance of privacy and dignity. The Bubs, who is getting older, is becoming increasingly aware of what I post about him...with that awareness comes the very real potential for him to be uncomfortable or embarrassed. They are all so precious to me and nothing is worth them being made to feel uncomfortable or put on display just so I can have a blog post.

Does that mean Everyday Occasions is going away?


It's just time to take it in a slightly different direction...maybe a photoblog, of sorts. I'm still working on ideas but, come what may in the next few months, I hope y'all will continue to stop by and share with me. I know you'll understand that this decision comes from a mother's prayerful heart.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sometimes I think you and I are connected. I text my friend yesterday and told her I've been working on taking my blog a whole new direction. Less personal more creative. Change is good.

Joanna said...

You gotta do what you gotta do. No need to apologize. You'll still email right?

I have to tell you I am a bit excited for you starting up something new.


whatever you do i will be your fan