Monday, November 2, 2009

From the virtual dressing room....

Okay, so most of you know that I am a woman of, um, voluptuos proportions. I have a few places in town that I can find things I like but since I discovered online shopping, I have come across multiple sources from which to fortify my wardrobe. In short, I can shop in my j's with bed hair and a mug of coffee in my hand....Bliss!

It's ball season here in 'Marinesville' and I am on the hunt for a ball dress. I don't do fussy and am not into wearing a sequin factory. Add that in with being on the higher end of the dress size scale and I've got the makin's of a whopping panic attack. Yet, I have a new plan of attack this year....the internet!!

See that picture up there? I finally stumbled across that on a website and I actually like it. It's different, not black, interesting without gobs of sequins or bows (I'm not going to the prom, after all) and *GASP* it comes in my size!

The length doesn't scream formal occasion, but I'm okay with that. Some fab accessories (anyone have some site/store suggestions?), great hair and makeup.....a support undergrment....and I'm ready for an evening out with the hubs.


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