Thursday, November 5, 2009

This and that...

I finally got my new power cord for my laptop yesterday. *doing my happy dance* Of course, the first thing I do is hop on Blogger! The old one had frayed to the point of being useless a few days ago. I LOOOVE my Dell laptop, but putting the power cord on the side of the unit instead of the back is my only pet peeve with the design.

I don't have a cohesive post in mind, just a bit of this and that floating around in my noggin...keep the jokes down to a minimum, y'all!

Little E-man is getting longer and more mobile everyday. He now has 6 teeth at various stages of coming in. He's had his cranky moments (um, hours) lately, but we figure if we had that many teeth coming in at one time, we'd be cranky too. In between his more uncomfortable moments, I've been experimenting with my camera and light in preparations for my little photo session with the boys. I'm hoping to get some fun and nice portraits of the boys. Here's a sample of some of my "playing" as I call it~

The work on the house continues in all its dusty, messy glory. We go to purchase countertops and appliances this weekend...may the budget juggling commence! Fortunately, we talked to a very lovely sales associate last weekend who filled us in on all the upcoming sales/discounts. I coulda kissed her feet. But I didn't. Cause that woulda been weird.

The Bubs got his first report card of the year yesterday. He's doing great! I was concerned because he's already missed more time out of school than I would like, but he seems to be doing fine despite his sick days.

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to catch up on what's been goin' on in your worlds!


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...
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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That photo is awesome! Love it! What a doll and he looks soooo much like the Bubs! My little guy is coughing right now, so I'd better go check on him. I hope you all can keep well too.