Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Female Hysteria (Temporarily) Averted...Male Nirvana Created

Soooooooo. We got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the cabinet company saying that they'd had a fire in the warehouse and that our cabinets would be, at best, a week later in arriving.

Um, yikes!

We talked with the contractor to let him know what was going on. I think he heard the note of hysteria in my voice over the phone (the Hubs had the phone, but I was involved in the conversation, too) because he said that he'd leave my major appliances in place as long as possible. They'd just start on other things that need to be done in the room (walls, ceiling, etc.).

Why, thank you Mr. Contractor Man...and thank you to your sense of self-preservation. That man can sure sense a woman on the edge!

So we get an extra day to get things packed and moved around in the house. I have a microwave in my living room right next to the couch......I may have inadvertently created a male nirvana with that arrangement!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Breathe in Breathe out, that's right, deep cleansing breaths girl.

Oh boy, I feel your pain. We had to have our wood floors redone due to a power outage while we were on vacation. (Our ice maker in the fridge flooded) Anyway SO we unplugged the ice machine for good in the fridge. Had the floor redone and had to be out of the house for a week (during school) ANYHOO, (it gets better trust me) "Someone" I know who it was but I'm not naming names... Left a whole bag of ice out on the counter overnight and it melted and wrecked the floor AGAIN, but worse then the first time. EGAD. I told my husband it's just staying that way, that he might as well hook the ice maker in the fridge back up. I'm not having anything fixed till we put the house on the market next spring.
Our house is new and if you look at the floor you can't see the damage but when you walk across it you can sure feel it!

I do hope you get your cabinets and that the contractor can get to business so you can have your kitchen back for the holidays!



what a stressful time! hang in there anna girl !!

Kaye Butler said...

Microwave by the couch, fridge by the couch, OMGosh the man would never never move, could you get the toilet next to the couch?

At least you have a contractor! My husband's main trade is construction AND our house for 12 years has always been a work in progress.