Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why get creative when I could just get complicated?

You know, not all my creative streaks encompass the safe and easily hideable. By easily hideable, I mean that if I mess up on a project I can just toss the offending evidence in the back of my craft closet or, if it's really horrendous, shove it in the trash.

Nope. Leave it to me to make it complicated!

Let me fill you in on the backstory. The other night, the Hubs and I were chillin' out in the office/t.v. part of our bedroom (not as posh as it might sound, but it's comfy!) when E-man got a bit fussy. He was sleepy and couldn't seem to settle down so the Hubs suggested I sing to him. I started with a Sara Bareilles tune then moved to a Disney song and went right on into some hymns, rocking him as I went along. Little guy conked out eventually and I took a moment, or three, to simply enjoy holding him. I've always enjoyed singing to the boys and lullaby time was and is a particularly sweet experience...and effective most of the time!

Out of the blue, Hubs tells me that he loves it when I sing to the boys. Awwwww.

After I had my mushy moment, I started to think back to the songs Mom would sing to me and my brother. I would give anything to have a recording of her voice or a video of her singing. Anything, y'all.

Then it hit me. There are no recordings of me singing whatsoever.

Now, normally this wouldn't rock my boat overly much but knowing how it makes me feel to not have that tangible recording of Mom, how could I not consider....


......making a c.d. of myself singing so that they can have something of me when they get older.

Is that silly of me? Maybe, but I have it inside me to at least attempt to do it for them.

Now if I could just figure out how.


Lisa (Jonnysmommy) said...

I don't know how to do it, but yes you should do it.

Are you sure there are no tapes of your mom? I would have thought with your dad having some CDs your mom would be on there too. What a shame if that isn't the case.

I bet Uncle M could help with this too.

Anna K. said...

Lisa~ I may have to ask Dad if I can go through his old tape collection. There's a possibility she's in there somewhere. Mom kind of always side-stepped being recorded or photographed...we'll have to wait and see what we turn up.

As to the c.d. thing, by that time Mom's health wouldn't have allowed for that. To get in to the studio much less sing a song. Mom was, however, the encouragement behind the whole project.

Joanna said...

Go for it! I found an old tape that had the boys squealing on it when they were babies. Wished I would have done more of that. Never even did that for the youngest.