Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Close but no cigar...

Or should I say, close but no baby. I called the clinic today about the contractions, swelling and headache (preeclampsia symptoms) I'd had the last few days thinking my blood pressure might be too high. I was immediately told to come in to the hospital and head up to the labor and delivery triage area so they could figure out what was what. So like the good little girl that I am, I went in....

Only to be made fun of.

I swear I have an internal magnet of some kind that attracts all the jerks in the medical profession right to me. *sigh*

As I was trying to tell the female doc behind the counter what was going on, some other doc rudely interrupted us and basically told me that I was an idiot for not taking more Tylenol. I'd been told by my, admittedly ditzy doc, to go easy on med dosages and I had been trying to honor that advice. I reigned in my temper at first -not easy for a stressed out prego woman- and tried to continue talking to the doc that was doggedly trying to get things sorted out. The jerk persisted in harrassing me even after he was roundly ignored! I just kept talking right over him like he didn't exist....looking back, this is prob'ly why he wouldn't leave me alone. I mean, who was I that I would be able to ignore such a wonderful specimen of medical and manly competence, after all?

Ha! My baser self really wanted to give him a double barrel flick off, but I resisted...proud of me?

I will admit that after I was settled in the little exam room and hooked up to the different monitors, my bravado faded and all I wanted was the Hubby to be there with me. He was ready to come in at a moment's notice if something was wrong, but I told him to stay at work until we knew something definite.

I was having some minor contractions, but I wasn't dilated. My blood pressure was within normal range, the baby's heart rate was strong and I was out of there within an hour. In a way I felt like an overreactive idiot for going in at all, but then I knew that we needed to be sure that nothing was wrong.

And nothing was.


Joanna said...

I'm glad nothing was wrong, but next time go off on the guy. What's the point of having some nasty hormones if you aren't going to use them? hee hee ;)

Jonny's Mommy said...

I'm beginning to think that state only has nasty doctors. What the heck? Your the mother and you should be able to get that baby checked anytime you want. It is good to be careful. And what is he talking about with the Tylenol? Is the man even someone who delivers babies or knows them? What a moron! I know regular doctors can be great but there is a reason I went to midwives. Most of them really do know so much more. And yes, they do have training, training and certification and certification and more....anyhow...I'm just ranting about the system right now i'll go back to my own blog now.

CC said...

How extremely RUDE!!