Monday, December 8, 2008

My Christmas Heart

One of my new fave reads is Octamom (c). Her blog is always well-written, fun and so very sweet. And, oh yeah, she's called that because she has a family with 8 children! She posted a new blurt today about a cheap red velvet reindeer ornament that triggered some favorite Christmas memories for her. In turn, she asked if there was a favorite item, a special scent, etc. that triggered favorite Christmas memories.

Well, I slapped my name on her little list of volunteer bloggers to post a related blurt...and then it hit me that there are sooo many things that trigger fond memories for me. A great problem to have, yes, but still a bit of a conundrum. Should I write about the wonderful Christmas music that I practically listen to year-round, the sweet and spicy fragrances of holiday baking, or the wonder in our son's eyes as he takes in Christmas traditions, events and -most importantly- the reason we celebrate Christmas?

As much as I have favorite ornaments, favorite Christmas events to take part in, and even favorite things to create year after year, I'm drawn to the memories that involve people and not things. I remember laughter, music, warmth, love, child-like wonder and anticipation, and the joy of giving.

More vividly, I remember Dad playing Christmas songs on the piano for Mom, Aunt D. and I to sing along with one Christmas morning while we puttered in the kitchen and my husband listened from a chair next to one of the many Christmas trees in their house. Where was the Bubs? He was swaying back and forth next to the piano stool, sippy firmly planted in his mouth, watching his Poppi play.

I remember when I was little, trying to peek under my door Christmas Eve night to see what Mom and Dad were doing. I'd usually smell coffee, hear things being moved around and my parents laughing.

I remember helping my Granddaddy get wood from the woodbox for the fireplace in their old house. He'd patiently explained why we don't want the green wood and how to keep a fire going safely, then we'd stand in front of the fireplace and roast our backsides. Not really saying a whole lot, but just enjoying the simple pleasure of one another's company...and the calm before the Christmas present mania began.

Was every Christmas Day perfect? Not a chance, honey! Family is family, after all, and perfect we're not. But I've had to make a choice and an effort to remember those precious moments where sentiments were genuine, peace was allowed to reign, and laughter abounded. Christmas is in the hearts of friends and family and now that I'm a Mom, my Christmas wish is that the Hubby and I will instill that ideal in our sons (Bubs and the one to come). Christ left His heavenly home to find a home in our hearts and that's where my fondest Christmas memories are my heart and the hearts of those I love.


Midwest Mom said...

What a beautiful post.

Isn't it wonderful the way the peaceful moments of Christmastime are the ones that take up permanent residence in your memory? For me, it was painstakingly making tiny Christmas cookies with my Italian grandmother. Each one needed to look like a present with delicious filling inside, so there was no hurrying the process.

The time we spend with our family and the love we share is absolute confirmation for me of how Christ's love for us can be felt right here on earth.

It was good to read your reflections today. Thanks. I'll surely be back.

Joanna said...

Oh that was good Anna!

Wish we could have Christmas together. :)

Sandy Toes said...

What a wonderful post!!! One thing I noticed that you said is that you peeked and heard your parents laughing..that is sweet!
-sandy toes

Michelle said...

I love thinking of past childhood Christmas memories. Its funny how most of them don't involve all the gifts I received. They're mostly memories about Family, Food, Christmas Caroling, making cookies, visiting family and neighbors etc

Totallyscrappy said...

Very sweet!