Friday, December 5, 2008

Good gracious granny...More bloodwork?!

Thank heavens that the lab at the naval hospital is chock full of peeps who are great with needles. They don't come at me angry, in a hurry, or insensitively....'cause what's worse than one of those traits when they come at me with a needle and several empty vials in their hands for me to fill?

I'm used to having to become a human pincushion during pregnancy. It's just the way it goes and I'm okay with that. It's a wonderful thing to be able to screen for problems, etc. An ounce of prevention and all that jazz. So I get a call yesterday evening from my doc about the anatomy ultrasound findings. The sono lady was a little concerned about how low the placenta was and the thickness along the bottom. This is apparently indicative of something, but so far the doc is a little famisched (I love my Yiddish dictionary!) as to what that something could be. This was even after she and others from the OB/GYN clinic "cracked open the text books". She went on to say that the baby itself looks great, but they just want to make sure that there's nothing going on that will affect him later in the pregnancy or even after he's born. Oy.

Soooo, I went in to the lab this morning for another glucose test with a blood draw instead of, um, "giving a sample" (that's an hour wait for that one) and gave another vial of blood for a TORCH test. The TORCH test is to screen for antibodies which would indicate the presence of certain infections that could potentially cross the placenta to the baby. Double oy.

Next on the doctor given to-do list was to make an appointment to see the OB specialist who only comes down once a month to their clinic. Done. Unfortunately, the appointment is on the last day of school before Christmas break begins for the Bubs. I hope I can still help out with their little festivities. It's always so much fun and the Bubs always gets such a kick out of me being there. I'm enjoyin' that while it lasts!

Meanwhile, we can only wait for the results of the tests to come in. One of them they have to mail out and we won't know those results until 7-12 days from now. 7-12 looooong days. Well, at least it's December and there's never a shortage of things to do to keep me occupied and not thinkin' about it!


Joanna said...

Oh my word! This is the last thing you need to be going through. So sorry dear!

Been praying for you.

Mc Allen said...

aww, well Im just glad that that part is over, and if you need to stay busy for the next week, just pop over to sits and check out allllll the new blogs popin up everywhere. I get on and the next thing I know, 5 hours have gone by, hehehe!! MUST SEE PICS OF belly!!;) LA