Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eight years with my best friend

My husband is my best friend. Today we celebrated eight years of marriage together. Eight years of love, laughter, tears, baby shenanigans, and more. I've never met another person (outside of my parents) who so completely got me..........and he loves me anyway. I'm a blessed lady, y'all!

We met through friends at church and hit it off almost from the moment we met. Conversation wasn't a problem at all. I was usually so nervous and self-conscious that it took me a while to loosen up and have a decent conversation. We talked like long-lost friends. He treated me with respect and made me feel that I didn't have to put on a front to impress or interest him. I was enough. I still am.

My parents still get a kick out of tellin' the story about the first night I brought him home to meet them. He was polite, jumped in to help Dad bring in some groceries and, after dinner, even took over washing dishes from Mom. Yep, I knew I had a winner pretty early on in our relationship and that went a long way to help my parents see that, too.

We don't have a perfect marriage and that doesn't bother us. We keep trying. My parents used to tell me when I was dating that being friends was a big part of making a marriage last and remain healthy. They were right.


Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh man! I stink as a cousin. I was totally talking about your anniversary with mom, knew the date, everything, and then I forgot to call or email and say "Happy Anniversary!"


Well, belated "Happy Anniversary!"

That photo brings back memories....

Anna K. said...

j's mommy~ Twenty lashes with a wet noodle!!

Joanna said...

Congrats!! I totally agree that starting off as friends and remaining friends helps - a lot!

So did you do anything special?

Anna K. said...

joanna~ Didn't do anything awe-inspiring, but it was nice to have some time together without anyone intruding for a few hours.

VerrySherry said...

Happy Anniversary!