Thursday, August 14, 2008

And I thought to myself, "Only a man could have done this...."

*scraaaaaape, screeeeeeeech, shuffle, shuffle..........THUNK!*

That's right, y'all. The soapbox is out! As I was trying to, um, relieve myself in the local Target's restroom I composed a little letter............

To the men who design restrooms for women:

First off, don't try to deny that this letter shouldn't be addressed to you guys. For none other but a male would design and build female restrooms so ineptly. A woman simply wouldn't do this to others of her gender!

I'm tired of going into restrooms where the stalls are maybe 6 inches wide with the toilet paper dispenser at elbow level. That means I've got maybe 3 inches in which to squeeze my behind on the seat. This makes it horribly inconvenient to do exactly what I came in there to do- pee and clean up! In some cases I end up sitting sideways on the seat because things are so awkwardly placed in the stalls. This is totally unacceptable. Did they run out of rulers and measuring tapes where you come from?

And, yes, please continue designing bathrooms that should have triple the number of stalls in big venues like stadiums. I simply adore paying good money for event tickets then spending most of the time in a line waiting for one of those dang under-sized stalls. It tickles me to stand there and watch the men on the other side lope in and out of their bathroom, totally at their leisure, having spent not one moment in a long line. While I wait behind a line of grumpy, twitchy women.....and their poor kids. If you didn't catch that- yes, that was sarcasm guys!

So, bathroom designer guy, before you begin that next bathroom/venue job take a moment and ask your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother what they would like to see in a public restroom. You never know, the solutions could be simple and the payoff worth the effort. After all, most women remember the stores with decent bathrooms and tend to frequent them instead of other places with inferior facilities.

An Annoyed Consumer and Bathroom User

**Author's Note~Even though the stalls in this particular Target were poorly designed/executed, it's usually clean. Thank heavens for that!**

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sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

amen! it is soooo true. We must design some new ones for ourselves!