Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bloggy quirks and bad habits.....Confession time, Y'all!

I've been writing on here for a little while now and I like to think that I've found my personal style/rhythm. Along the way, I've noticed that I've developed a few quirks (bad habits?) when I'm writing my entries. Here are a few....and they're even in my favorite format - A List!

  • I use, commas, when , I don't really need, them and when I do I don't.
  • I misspell the simplist wordz. (Spellcheck? Nah! Why would I use that?)
  • Their~They're~There Those three words have always given me fits.
  • Odd and funny southern words (mommick, y'all, etc.) frequently make their way into my writing. I remain unapologetic about that, though. It's fun for me! And, yes, I really talk like that....
  • I write like I talk...that often means that "-ing" words are minus the -g. For example, I tend to do my bloggin' in the evenin'.
  • I've learned that it's never a good thing to blog angry. (Ooh! A new sayin' for a bumper sticker! "Friends don't let friends blog angry.")

There are prob'ly many more things that I could add to the list. As much as I don't mind pokin' fun at myself, I'm not a glutton for punishment so I'll just keep the list on the short side! D'you have any bloggy quirks?

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