Thursday, January 3, 2008

My New Year

You know, I was thinking as I watched the ball drop, that I really don't have any resolutions for the new year-although I could probably stand to have a few. Of course I could do the usual ones everyone seems to quote like lose weight, get organized, manage to keep the house clean for longer than five seconds, not be so darned critical of myself, etc. Hmmmm....those last two are probably reserved for me personally...I did say that I didn't have any resolutions, didn't I?

In any case, as I was sitting in our bedroom wrapped up with a favorite quilt with a glass of sparkling white grape juice in my hand, I lost interest in the extravaganza on t.v. and began to think about the year to come. Helping Mom survive breast cancer, preparations for hubby's homecoming in May, getting used to being together again, our summer vacation, and the Bubs's first days at school were among the most prominent events to flash through my mind.
It began to hit home as I contemplated these upcoming events that this year will be a year of many changes and new experiences. How will I handle all of these changes and experiences? Am I going to just let them happen to me and pass me by without acknowledgement, joy or celebration? I would like to say that I welcome every change or life experience with open arms and an open mind. The truth is, I tend to be a little wary of anything I can't prepare for or throw a list at (I am notorious for my lists). Even then, I'm not completely content because, let's face it, what in this life ever happens the way we have it planned?

So, it looks like I have a New Year's Resolution after all. I want to live life and not just watch it pass me by. I don't want to shy away from new experiences like I normally do. I want to show our son that it's good to have a routine that you stick to, but it's also a good thing to, every once and awhile, go where the day takes you.

What's your resolution?

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Anonymous said...

You are notorious for your lists? You ought to see mine. I've learned that "The List" is a framework, but that sometimes God has other plans for the day and I can't always live within The List. Sometimes it is, as you say, going "where the day takes you."...By the way, if didn't mention it before, love your photo on your homepage. Very reflective.