Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Husband Switcharoo

First of all, calm down. The above title is not saying that I would like to trade out for a new hubby! Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.

My hubby and I are fond of having what we call "What if?" conversations. It started when we were dating and it's become something that we are still fond of doing even now that we've been married for a little while. If anything, it leads to fun and interesting conversations that, for the most part, don't completely revolve around our son (sorry, kiddo!). Our topics have ranged from the ridiculous to the...well, to the slightly less ridiculous. -What? Were you expecting something deep and intellectually challenging? Ha!!-

The other day, I happened to recall one such "what if" conversation about switching places. You know, I go get a job and he takes on the job of being a stay-at-home daddy. This particular topic came up as a result of him saying, for the umpteenth time, "Hon' why don't you go to work for me tomorrow and I'll stay home with the Bubs?" Knowing my hubby like I do, I know he didn't say this with the intention of insulting me so much as he was expressing his aggravation with his job. Unfortunately for him, he'd said it one too many times and I had just had a mind-blowingly rough day with the house and the Bubs.

"So what I do is a breeze?"

A blank stare was all I got for a moment. He slowly said, "Nooo. That's not what I meant."

Needless to say a few more words were exchanged until we both apologized. He, for not completely thinking about what he said and me for taking out my frustrations on him. Later on, my husband suddenly asks me what I would do if we were to switch places. I stopped what I was doing and pondered that radical thought for a moment. Wow.

I had visions of me going to a job in clothes untouched by unidentifiable stains (ignorance is bliss when it comes to stains), laptop under arm and latte in hand. Ahhhhh.... Then coming home to a clean house, the smells of a home-cooked meal wafting through the air, the Bubs happily engaged in some activity at the table with his Daddy. My imaginings came to a screeching halt as I realized that my hubby would really able to pull that off. Seriously, the man would make an awesome SAHD and would be unashamed of the fact.

So, how would your hubby do if he had to tackle the job of being a SAHD?


Jonny's Mommy said...

He would be amazing too. He has Jonathan 4 hours a day already and when I come home he even gets my lunch ready for me -- not every day, but sometimes. What would get him is trying to watch Jonathan while also cleaning the house. As it is now he will say things like "OK. You watch Jonathan Saturday so I can clean." Personally, I would love to be a stay at home mom. In some ways I would hate it because I'd miss being out with the public, but in other ways I would love it because I wouldn't have to be dealing with the public anymore and could be with my little guy all day. Guess we're just never happy are we? :-) Interesting entry today...got me thinking!

Summer in FL said...

My husband would do great! But, I think we are a great mix. I'm not sure that he'd do so well at kissing the "boo boo's" or rocking the girls and singing to them. He's very task oriented and tasks and plans usually take a back seat when you're with the children. You really have to work around their schedule and I think THAT would frustrate him.

Anna K. said...

summer in fl-
Hmmm...that is so true. Thanks for giving me another perspective!
Not being so task-oriented is something that I've really had to work on myself. I've had to learn to start the day with tasks in mind and then figure out what can't wait. If I don't get the rest done, oh well! Hanging out with my Bubs is sooo much more important. I've resigned myself to the fact that our home will never be spotless! ;>)