Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyday Funnies...

Hearing a quick-witted parent at the park who makes you snicker with a rapid fire retort to a child's sassiness, a shared joke with a loved one or even laughing at your own general silliness.......These are a few things that can bring about life's everyday funnies, as I call them.

For instance, I was at the store yesterday trying to finish up my shopping for items I forgot the first time around when I passed a mom and her pre-teen son. They both looked like they would rather be at home with the mother's dark hair coming out of her slightly bedraggled ponytail and her son slumped against her, both leaning over the cart handle. I wasn't overt in my notice of them, but I felt a flash of empathy and understanding with their outward tiredness. I chuckled to myself, however, when I heard the son ask his mom why they had to get groceries. I didn't quite make out her response, but I'm sure it was similar to what I tell the Bubs when he asks me - because we ate everything and need more. As she spoke to her son she was bent over her purse rummaging around for something. It quickly dawned on me what it was when she pulled out a long slip of paper. The boy shot up arrow straight and practically yelled, "We're getting all of that?!"

I couldn't help but laugh when I heard his exclamation of disbelief. Since I was further away from them I, again, couldn't make out her exact response although I did detect a note of amusement in her tone. My retort would have been, "Well where do you think all that food you gobble down all week comes from, Babe?"

When I relayed what had happened to a loved one later, she just hooted (that's Southern-speak for laugh). I wasn't looking for an everyday funny to happen while I was doing my grocery shopping, but I'm glad I didn't miss it.

Have you had an Everyday Funny today? Tell me about it......

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