Sunday, January 2, 2011

Etsy Find {In Touch Clutch}

Every now and again I like to peruse the pages of Etsy. I like to see what's popular, what isn't, and what's new and interesting. I love that I never quite know what I'll find.

I stumbled across the In Touch Clutch from downstairsDesigns. Having a bent towards being unorganized, I'm always fascinated with easy to use items that save me a little stress and some time.

I saw the In Touch Clutch and I was hooked! I've always got papers that I'm trying to keep track of, notes that I want to write down before I forget or ideas that I need to jot down or draw. I could see myself using this beauty for my day-to-day business or even on a trip out of town.

I chose the pretty blue model that you see in the above photos. Y'all, I had a hard time choosing between the different accent fabrics! They run the gamut from having a vintage feel to more modern patterns...all of them in lovely colors. In addition to the In Touch Clutch, you can buy an In Touch Pouch for your iPhone/iPod, a Snap Pouch for your business/credit/gift cards, and even gift packs (think bridesmaids gifts).

My In Touch Clutch will be in the mail soon and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Thank you downstairsDesigns for creating such a pretty and practical way to make this mommy's life a little easier!

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Very cute! I love scouring the goodies on ETSY, this is a great find :) Good luck with keeping organized!