Monday, August 23, 2010

Time flies and boys grow...

So sorry for my bloggy's been an interesting time at my house, lately. The Hubs is still recovering from his shoulder surgery. He has okay days....and then he has pretty rough days. Today was one of them. He's resting now and I'm prayerful that his season of painful days will be coming to an end soon.

When my Dad reminded the Bubs earlier that tomorrow would be his last vacation day before the school year started, he was both excited and shocked. I think it snuck up on him....I know the feeling!

E-man gets taller everyday. He's able to get his hands on things that I'd previously thought were out of his reach. We all have to take extra care not to leave our drinks around or any of the t.v. remotes as he has a distinct fondness for snatching both!

My how time flies...and how little boys grow!

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Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Sorry to hear that recovery is so painful:( I hope it has gotten better since your post.

My 12 year old is as tall as me and only about an inch away from my husband, and I just bought him size 9 1/2 shoes! Incredibly fast!