Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mommy moments...

I've put off thinking about it all day. It was quite easy to do with all my mommy chores and hanging out with the boys.

Even as the Bubs and I talked excitedly about it, I put off thinking about the implications...the changes it would bring.

It began to sink in as I started to get things set out and organized for tomorrow morning. That inevitable rush to rise, shine and get out the door.

My throat couldn't help but get a little tight as I tucked the Bubs in and read him a story. As I gave him silly kisses and basked in his rolling, little boy giggle.


The Bubs starts his first day of second grade tomorrow. I'm so very excited for him...but a little sad, too. Such is the life of a mommy.


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Aww.... so sweet Anna! I hope you both have a wonderful day tomorrow! :)

Petie said...

Hope today is going well! Must have been an exciting morning :)

Love your new site, AKO. Nice job on the graphics!!