Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank you History Channel...

We weren't sure we'd be able to take one this summer. A vacation, that is.

We finally juggled a few things around and the Hubs has decided he's fit for travel...for a few days, at least.

So we tossed ideas back and forth, the Hubs, my Dad and I...even the Bubs got in on the vacay brainstorming process. Everything from local attractions, to the state zoo were possible ideas. The trick is to find something that will be fun/interesting for all of us. Nothing was really striking the right chord for all of us, though.

Then, out of the blue, an idea struck.

From the History Channel. That's right, the History Channel!

The Hubs was watching a special on the Library of Congress. One conversation led to another and he began talking about some of the sights he saw on his last trip through D.C., and then it hit me. Why don't we visit our nation's capital? It would be fun and educational at the same time (hopefully!).

So that's where we're going sometime this summer. I'm already looking forward to seeing a different view for a few days and the chance to hang with my family. And, of course, taking ridiculous amounts of photos wherever they'll let me!