Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paint With Me: Smear

I almost didn't finish this, but I was determined. Especially since I've missed out on my fave link ups lately (Mono Monday and Sweet Shot Tuesday).

Heather's theme for this week's challenge was "Smear". Hmmmm....after I got the image of myself smearing glorious amounts of paint on a giant canvas (and wouldn't that be fun!) I decided that maybe something smaller would be better. Y'know cause the neighbors may not enjoy the sight of me cavorting, paint-covered and giggling madly as I fling paint at a canvas in my driveway. My studio isn't big enough for a large canvas, you see. There is a smidge of method to my madness after all...just in case y'all were wondering.


Everything on this canvas board is either smeared or spattered....well, almost everything. I only used a brush for the swirls in the star's wake and a pen to outline the star a bit. This was a lot of fun and I loved that the challenge was a little outside the box. Thanks, Heather!

Have a wonderful Thurday!


Feather said...

*gasp!* when i first brought up your page...i absolutely gasped! this canvas is amazing! i love it all! and i love how you smeared and splattered your way to a beautiful art piece! hang that bad boy up!

Octamom said...

Love, love, love.



Lindsay said...

Beautiful!!! I love the color and the swirls. I'm with you...I thought this was really fun, I plan to smear-lol more often.

Petie said...

Great job! Do you know where you're going to hang it? That sounds like a fun way to challenge yourself.

blue china studio said...

This turned out great! Love the color of the background and your spatters, smears and whirls.

Laura said...

This is beautiful! I love it!!

I read your Summer Vacation post below, and I remember how that feels. I'm going to be running a series of posts with ideas for summer activities soon...stay tuned.

Take care and get that pool out!!