Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aiming for Normalcy...

No, I'm not doing target practice on some unfortunate person named, Normalcy. Really, I'm not! Aiming for normalcy is just what I feel like we've been trying to do for the last week. Mostly for the Bub's sake, but also for mine.

He had a field trip to a local farm today and got to pick strawberries, go on a hayride, listen to some music, feed some farm animals, eat outside and....well, it was a fun-filled few hours, to say the least. I had a few twinges as memories of being there with Momma in the past came to mind, but I managed to make it through without a huge meltdown. Just a general mistiness (is that a word?) and some major tugs on the heart strings. Dad seemed to fare pretty well, too. He spent his last day of leave with us and enjoyed holding the baby while I ran after the Bubs, camera in hand.

So I'll leave you with some pics of our day at the farm~


Joanna said...

Look how big Bubs is getting! He's going to be one tall dude. Glad he had a happy day and glad your Dad was able to get some baby time.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

OK. This is going to sound blunt, but I'm going to write it anyhow. . . things are not going to be normal for a while. Why should it be? How could it be? You just lost your mom? Should you be misty at a place? Yeah. Should you all out bawl? If you want to. All I mean is, don't shove it down inside. This isn't the time for that. This is your mom, for goodness sake. She was an amazing woman who can not just be pushed aside and forgotten in your mind. It's impossible and it should be. Anything less would be ...bizarre. I would think anyhow.

Regardless of all that psycho-babble, love the photos.

Anna K. said...

Lisa~ I hear you. Let me say this, though...when a child is involved, things (routines, habits, etc.) need to be kept as normal as possible. There is comfort and security in that for the Bubs, especially when he's as sensitive to his emotional surroundings as he is.
Do I keep a brave face on all the time? Heck no! I cry in the car when it's just me and the baby, I cry during the day when the Bubs is at school and Hubby's at work, I cry all over the Hubby, too. I feel like I'm walking wounded to put it in military vernacular. The other morning I went to visit her after I dropped off the Bubs at school. I got a ways down the road before I remembered that she wouldn't be there to see and share the baby with anymore...I still haven't gotten over that one, yet.

I'm sorry I've worried you, L.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

You're totally right. you have to keep it together, so to speak, for the Bubs. Exactly. You are totally right and I wasn't thinking of it that way in my comments. It wouldn't have been good for David for you to have a breakdown that day. Totally right on in your thoughts there.

I'm just so glad you were able to have a good day with him and I'm so glad he looked so happy, as did Uncle M. Hope I didn't come across as preachy, and even if I did, it wasn't how I meant to do it. I just want you to be sure you know that crying is OK. And I know you do. I love you!