Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's just keep that covered, shall we....

Recently I broke down and purchased a sleeveless top to wear around the house. Hot takes on a whole new muggy meaning around here during the Summer and I like to have something cool to wear in and around the house....exclusively. The world just isn't ready for the sight of me in anything lacking sleeves!

It didn't dawn on me that I had never really worn anything like that around the Bubs until he came up to me with an I'm-up-to-no-good giggle. Uh-oh. That giggle always means I'm in for an interesting few minutes! Here's the gist of our conversation~

"Mom? What are you wearing?"

"It's a shirt, Bubs."

He giggles.

"Um, that's not a shirt. You need to put a shirt on, Mommy!"

The giggles have turned into guffaws.

"It is a shirt, Babe! I don't understa- Oh! It's a sleeveless shirt, Sweets!"

Now both of us are laughing.

"Yeah, right!"

He starts poking at my arm and then says something that makes me holler...

"What's under there?"

I scream with laughter, the Bubs wiggles his eyebrows like his Dad, and takes off runnin'!

I take off like a shot. The chase is on!

"Oh, it's soooo on, Boy! You owe me some serious sugar for that, Kiddo! Hey, come back here!"

Ahhhh....good times. Uh, even if it was at my expense!


Joanna said...

Oooh give him an extra tickle. CJ walked into my room one morning and stopped short as I was still in bed laying on my side. Dude started to sing "I like big butts and can't deny..."

And yet I let him live.

Anna K. said...

Joanna- *bwahahaha* CJ sounds like an older version of my Bubs!

Sissy said...

Don't you hate it when kids point out our flaws. I carry around extra weight on my stomach, and this precious little kindergartener asked me if there was a baby in there the other day! I think I started dieting the next day.