Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I wanna paint like you, Mommy!"

That's what the Bubs told me when we were chatting in my studio. He'd come in a few moments before and leaned on the back of my chair to peek over my shoulder at what I was painting. It was one of those slow days around the house. He had the day off from school and the Hubs had the day off from work. Some days we like to just chill out and enjoy being home major cleaning projects or grocery shopping treks.

For a child who's used to a more structured day, chillin' out at home can be a relief....for a little while and then they start expecting you to come up with some activity for them to do! I'm pretty sure that's how the Bubs was feeling when he said that he wanted to paint like I was. He'd mentioned his interest in painting a couple times before and Poppi went out and got him a few canvasses to have fun with.

So he painted. It was fun to watch him- no fear, no hesitating or second guessing. We talked about how to use a paint brush and paint, what colors he wanted to use...and enjoyed being together. I know having that time with him is a memory I'll treasure. I hope he'll come to treasure it, too.


Joanna said...

Aww - that is just sweet!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

What fun! Can't wait to see his creations too!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I just got back from Spokane (300 miles away) I went downstairs into my mom's art room. You artists are such cool people. I looked around at all the wonderful things she was starting or finishing...I wish I had this gift that you guys have. We all laugh, I can barely paint a wall. (seriously, this painting thing skip a generation for sure!)
So glad to see it didn't skip a generation in your household!