Sunday, December 27, 2009

Play on, Playa'!

We've been laying low, so to speak, since Christmas. I haven't even downloaded pictures and videos (Hubs got me a camcorder!) from the day's events.

Instead we've played.

Played the Wii, played games, watched and laughed as E-man played with some new toys....just PLAYED. And laughed...a lot!

I think that we needed that after the hustle and bustle that preceded our Christmas celebrations.

I've even managed to get back into my studio and sling a paint brush or three. This is a minor miracle considering all the craziness that's been goin' on. I'll have pictures of the new creations up in a future post...

I hope y'all have enjoyed your Christmas and found a chance to enjoy a few moments with your family to PLAY!


Kaye Butler said...

Wii played too! The thong thang was SO much funnier in person! Taylor is totally embarrassed to own a thong and even more embarrassed that I blogged about it. Embarrassing kids is my JOB.

Merry Christmas!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Can't wait to see some photos (and videos) from the day. What kind of camcorder? I'm going to be looking for one soon.

Also, can you send me some extra photos of the boys? I'm making a large photo book for Aunt Dianne. I made one for mom and dad and told her she'll have one coming when I have some more $ and time. :-)

A couple of you and the Hubs would be nice too!