Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More artful ventures...and a kitchen tease

I haven't drawn or painted faces in so long that I was nervy about how to do this piece.
While she isn't perfect, I like her quirkiness....and her paper flower barret.
Um, forgive the mess in the background.

This piece has become one of my faves and was inspired by....well, by Family. I've had this floating around in my noggin for a while and I finally figured out a way to to it. Pressed, dried leaves from our yard were used to get those leaf shapes in the background. By painting around the edges, the shape of the leaf came to life on the canvas.

I know. I used nature to cheat......but it was sooo much fun!

And now a little Kitchen Remodel Tease~

I took that mantle that my In-Laws so graciously helped me save from the side of the road and used a pickling technique on it. The pickling lightened it up while letting the wood show through. Hubs had the brilliant idea of using it in the dining area of our kitchen like a shelf since there'll be no room for a buffet, etc.

This is the light fixture that will hang over the table. It took me a while to find a fixture that wouldn't break the bank but didn't look "chinchy"....well, I don't think it looks cheap, anyway.

Chinchy? Another way of saying cheap.

Southerners and their funny ways of talkin'.

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~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Your art is wonderful. I laughed when I read that you didn't think the first one is perfect. Seriously what is it with you artist? My Mom is the same way... She will keep tweaking a painting till she gets it just the way she wants it. If she can't get it just the way she wants it she usually ends up distroying it! Argh! Which is sad because we think it is perfect all along. In fact my older daughter pulled one of my mom's paintings out of my mom's trash and has had it up on her wall of her house for YEARS-She loves it! My mom finally went over there and signed it. :)

Okay, i'm outta here, sorry about writing a book...I just think you are really cute about your paintings.