Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Somethin' to smile about...

There they are. Our boys. How they brighten my world, y'all! When those two are together and happy all's right in our little part of the world. Of course, when little E-man is old enough to get into the Bubs's trains those moments may be a little less frequent!

The Bubs will be "graduating" from Kindergarten tomorrow. Oooohhhhh...insert big, heartfelt sigh here. My baby (who will always be my baby no matter how many times he rolls his eyes at me) is growing up. He's a smart, inquisitive, charming little guy that his Dad and I are quite proud of.

He's been Poppi's (grandpa's) buddy the last few weeks. Shopping excursions, contraband snacks, sleepovers, and laughter has abounded. Of course, since staying with Poppi is such a blast the Bubs now wants to move in with him! He did say once, however, that he wanted to stay with Poppi so he wouldn't be alone.

Who says children are always selfish and never think of others?

What a year this has been...uh, year in the terms of a school year. We've had great joys and a great sorrow. I know that more of both will come our way because that's what happens in life. I truly hope, though, that we're able to make the most of every joy and allow our Heavenly Father to see us through the sorrows. This is what I want our boys to learn from us.


Joanna said...

Aww!! Pour sugar all over them both and eat em with a spoon - cah-yute!!

Bubs looks like such a little man. That eye roll won't go away - just so you know. It gets worse the older they get.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

They are so precious. The Bubs and new little bundle look so much alike. All you have to do is say to Bubs..."this is what you looked like as a baby" because it totally is!

Young Wife said...

What handsome boys!