Monday, April 20, 2009

*thunk, thunk, thunk* "Is this thing on? Testing, testing..."

Alright, woman. This is your blog speaking!

Yeah, that's right. Your blog is speaking to you. You, the woman who used to visit me almost daily has now abandoned me in favor of a small, wiggly thing that burps a lot. I know he's cute and everything (seriously, did you see that face he just made?!) but I need some bloggity love over here, ma'am!

What do you mean you need a nap? No naps! Okay, so you only got three hours the night can function on that, right?

I'll take that hand gesture as a no.

Don't be mad at me. What I'm really tryin' to say is...I miss you. We don't blog like we used to, but I understand. Life happens and, hey, if your life ain't hap'nin you have nada to blog about. So I'll leave you alone for now. I'm here whenever you need to type...


Midwest Mom said...

What an understanding blog you have.

It probably can't know this, but once your little wiggling ball of cuteness starts moving around independently, and even more, once that chubby wonder starts talking, you'll be back.

Oh, yes. You'll be back.

;D But for now, savor that time with baby. - Julia

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Your blog misses you. And so do we. *sniff* Um...but we miss photos of the kid more. Ahem. Hint. Hint.

(loved the announcement, btw. Will send Bry and Kim's along as soon as I can).

Joanna said...

Hee hee I love it! My blog has a nasty attitude and for some reason uses massive amounts of sarcasm when talking back to me. Go figure. ;)

Octamom said...

That's one gracious blog. I've heard some blogs have a really bad maternity leave policy....