Thursday, March 18, 2010

So I've been a little distracted lately...

The Hubs had not one, but two deaths in his family recently and went to be with his family to lend a helping hand.

E-man's birthday is this weekend -he's turning 1!- and we've been struggling to put away the mountain of stuff the Hubs brought home with him (about a hundred ceramic houses, some vintage train sets and other train layout goodies) before the party this weekend. We've since given up on getting the madness under control and are having the party at Dad's house instead. Thanks, Dad!

Lots of research and planning for the biz, Anna K. Originals. All in between painting and figuring out how my new-fangled printer works. I have a craft show coming up on May 1st and the In-Laws will be visiting the last few days in April. I'm trying to get everything done before they visit so that I'm able to see them and not be holed up in my studio. That may be a stretch for me, but I'm gonna try! I just got my packaging stuff in the mail this week and I'm all aflutter.

Have a great weekend everyone and, yes, I'll have lots of pictures of E-man's 1st birthday to share!

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Mc Allen said...

aww, sorry you are so busy girlfriend! and happppy Birthday lil E man!! xoxo LA